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I didn’t now where to turn when my life fell apart. I was lost, and everything I knew to be true, had failed. 

Allow be to guide you back into joy and purpose. Together, we’ll navigate the web of bullshit, as I guide you down the path to a brighter, fulfilling life. 


Caitlin C.
Caitlin C.Coaching - Emotional Alchemy
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Working with Daniel during emotional alchemy sessions has changed my life for the better. This genuine, compassionate soul readily walks beside you, assisting in lightening the energetic weights we each carry - consciously or not. I couldn’t be happier with the healing, as well as skills that I’ve acquired in processing my own heavy emotions. Thank you so much. I have sincerely enjoyed getting to know you, as well as learning how to heal myself in your welcoming presence.
Chris O.
Chris O.Emotional Alchemy
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With all of life’s beautiful but sometimes hard lesson to navigate, I am truly thankful for amazing souls like Daniel to help guide me through this experience. You never leave a session without feeling like a complete, healed soul again. I am forever grateful for their love and wisdom and kindness. Through this, they have helped me heal old traumas that I’ve been hanging onto forever and their sessions gift me with a whole new awareness and love for myself that I didn’t know was available to me. I have so much love and respect and will always consider Daniel as my family. Thank you for that.
Elia S.
Elia S.Emotional Alchemy
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Daniel had such a clear channel to my pain and energy. I was feeding it and he was just waiting to help ME move past my deepest barriers. He understands the human design. Daniel sitting with me and connecting, silenced the chatter in my mind. The static. To know him on a personal level even before his leap into this work has been an honor. He is someone of pure heart, He's built this life and spiritual practice from his own pain and work he's put into his transformation. If you are looking for an unconventional form of wellness HE is the man.
Alanis B.
Alanis B.Emotional Alchemy
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My emotional alchemy session with Daniel surpassed all expectations. Any nervousness or hesitations I had prior to my session, I was quickly reassured that I was in the right hands with genuine support and compassion. I am eternally grateful that through my alchemy session, I was finally able to pinpoint the origins of my trauma and release all blockages thereof.. I feel so liberated. I AM FREE! & I finally have a better understanding on what it truly means to walk in your purpose and to live life by the moment. Daniel is the REAL DEAL! Thank you for saving my life.
David H.
David H.Emotional Alchemy & Go Be Rad! (Workshop)
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My experience with Daniel was incredibly uplifting and profound! Very comfortable and easy to talk to them both. Sarah took the time to deeply listen, send her sincere love, and help me figure things out, providing a fresh perspective while I took a walk. My session with Daniel helped me discover and resolve some deep things that I was unaware of. The experience has benefited the relationship with myself, others, and life itself. Liberating and highly recommended to say the least!

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Emotional Tune Up

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Where every soul is a DarkWorker – A force for Change
Here to disrupt the shadows of Hate and Fear

DarkWorkers Union

DarkWorkers exist to disrupt the societal norms of fear and hate. We are here to spread love, by boldly facing the darkness. We need you in this fight!

The Revolution is not just a community; it's an uprising of hearts, an alliance of DarkWorkers unbound by convention. Within this space, we embark on a quest to disrupt the status quo, forging a love revolution that emanates from the depths of our own hearts. Join me in this fight!

A Guide Who Understands !

Though I identify as the same spirit as you, feel free to think of me as a spiritual guide.
Or maybe you’re looking for a life coach and mentor? Either way, I’ll guide you into freedom!

Daniel Tyack Emotional Healing and Meditation

Spiritual Guide?

Life Coach?


I don’t give a shit what you want to call it, I’m here for you. I’ve been through my own emotional healing and found nothing but joy on the other side. If you’re into healing your emotions, moving past trauma and living in a meaningful way, lets’ talk. The path isn’t nearly as dark and scary as it seems. I’ve walked it plenty of times and I’ll have your back as you learn how to heal. 

I work with people at every level and am happy to sit with the most accomplished CEO as well as the most accomplished addict. Inner peace is the same either way.

If you’re stuck in life, it’s time to schedule a call. 

Looking forward to working with you!

– Daniel Tyack


Are you ready to transform your life? Let’s work together!
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Daniel Tyack

Daniel Tyack

Emotional Alchemist

Hey there, I'm Daniel 👋 Your personal Emotional Alchemist! I guide clients through the dark spaces in life and teach people how to live in freedom. What's going on with you? Maybe I can help!

Each story is different, and every person heals in their own way. However, when it comes to healing the nervous system, everyone is the same.
 I offer many different programs and treatments depending on the story. Send me a message and we’ll find what’s right for you!


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